Gift Card Calendar-$10 per calendar with 30 chances to win, one every day in the month of June!  Please contact to purchase.

Contestants are given 60 seconds to complete a game or challenge using everyday objects!  There will be 10 games played, with at least one team member participating in each game.Type your paragraph here.

May 9th, 6:30 pm @ South School Cafe

Past Fundraisers

A raffle for one week of art camp over April vacation was done at the Matthew Thornton and South School concerts, raising $189.  Thank you for your support!

Current Fundraisers

Annual DI Plant Sale Saturday May 20th

Mack's apples on Saturday, May 20th. The sale will run from 9am - 4pm

230 Mammoth Road, Londonderry, NH

Thank you to all the schools for raising a grand total of $143.18 with Matthew Thornton winning a pajama day with $60.79 .  North and South Schools weren't far behind with a respective $52.48 and  $29.91


As a volunteer-led, cause-driven non-profit organization, we rely heavily on donations and sponsorship’s to make sure we keep the cost associated with our program as low as possible for our participants. Through your generosity, students worldwide will continue to learn invaluable 21st century skills to help them succeed as well as develop their full potential in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) fields. Support the next generation of innovators and Leaders in the Destination Imagination program and make your tax-deductible gift today.

Londonderry Pit Crew is a 501(c) registered non-profit organization that handles incoming fundraising for Londonderry DI.  All checks are made payable to Londonderry Pit Crew and donations can be mailed the Executive Direction, Christina Baez, at 190 Fieldstone Drive, Londonderry, NH 03053

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Winners                                                                        June 15:  Joanne Paradis

June 1:  Glenn Wojcik                                           June 16:  Elsa Conrad

June 2:  Mike Massiglia                                        June 17:  Nancy Britton

June 3:  Scott Milne                                                June 18:  Michelle Fastnacht

June 4:  Samantha Manseau                             June 19:  Sal Carcia

June 5:  Jenn Domonkos                                     June 20:  Jenn Domonkos

June 6:   Tim Finke                                                   June 21:  Chris Adams

June 7:   Joanne Blake                                           June 22:  Joanne Blake

June 8:    Vera Prough                                           June 23:  Serge Beaulieu

June 9:    Nancy Lacroix-Britton                      June 24:  Terry Kennett

June 10: Jenn Dumonkos                                    June 25:  Lloyd Wagower

June 11:  Kim Lynch                                                June 26:  Michelle Fastnacht

June 12:  Jean Spruce                                            June 27:  Karen Rimne

June 13:  Trevor Melanson                                June 28:  Kelly Farnsworth

June 14:   Deb Walls                                               June 29:  Lisa Curran

                                                                                            June 30:  Lorrin Melanson